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    Abundant transportation capacity

    With 10 full-cargo aircraft and more than 700 passenger aircraft belly compartment resources, we provide customers with safe and reliable transport capacity support and guarantee through all-cargo aircraft transport and passenger aircraft belly compartment transport.


    Network advantage

    Direct to Los Angeles, Chicago, Frankfurt, Amsterdam and 11 other international cities of the full cargo flight. At the same time, it operates the belly cargo business of more than 700 aircraft of China Eastern Airlines to Japan, the United States, Europe, South Korea, Southeast Asia and domestic routes.



    Service Content 

    1.Express service

    Express products: express transportation from airport to airport, and provide refund commitment service of compensation nature

    Express products: airport - to - airport economic express transport services

    Express mail products: air mail transportation services

    Fast and convenient: the related products of express business include "same-day delivery" and "next-day delivery", etc., which provide optimal route and shipping space guarantee through internal resource matching

    Flexible customization: in addition, it also includes time delay products, such as "three, five, seven" products, which can flexibly arrange the shipment time.

    2.Special cargo

    Dangerous goods: dangerous goods that cannot be transported in the belly of passenger aircraft, etc., should be designed to match corresponding special transport products with corresponding all-cargo transport routes, and standardized operation should be monitored throughout the whole process to ensure transport safety.

    Cold chain transportation: to meet the growing demand for cold chain transportation of drugs, biological products, medical equipment and other products by designing products with rapid transfer and full cold chain.

    Valuable goods, live animals (special needs) : for art, gold, banknotes and other valuable goods, fragile and easy to steal high value-added goods and live animals and other special goods to ensure the safety and efficiency of cargo transportation.

    3.General Cargo

    Transport services for goods without special attributes and operating requirements. It includes all kinds of common goods without special handling and passengers' luggage transported according to cargos.

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